Club France Hong Kong 超值豐盛禮盒套裝 - Club France Hong Kong

Club France Hong Kong Deluxe Hamper Set

Club France Hong Kong
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Combo Included:

Bloc of Duck foie gras with Espelette Chili 90g x 1

Bloc of Duck foie gras with Jurancon wine 90g x 1

Fig Jam 120g x 1

Cabernet Rose Grape Juice 330ml x 1

Orange Juice 330ml x 1

Apricot Nectar 330ml x 1

Summer Pear Nectar 330ml x 1

Cox's Apple Juice 330ml x 1

Sengana Strawberry Jam 30g x 1

Bergeron Apricot Jam 30g x 1

Blond Orange Jam 30g x 1

Alexis Muñoz Olive Oil - Green Olives 750ml  x 1