French Polmard Heritage Beef Patty 150g

French Polmard Heritage Beef Patty 150g

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The signature Polmard Heritage handmade beef patty, aged for 4 weeks.

Recommended Cooking : medium-rare 

Cooking Tips : pan-fry or barbecue, few minutes on each side according to the cooking you like. 

Important when cooking beef patty, to preserve its tenderness and juiciness : 

  • Unlike classic beef cuts, beef patty is to be cooked right after taking it out the fridge
  • Always use a kitchen tong to turn your meat, never a fork, to preserve the meat juice

Serving : 1 person

Thawing Tips :

  1. Recommended : place in the fridge 24 hours before cooking
  2. Express : place in cold water for 20 minutes

Ingredients : 

ground beef, egg, oil, salt and spices

Origin : 

Blonde d'Aquitaine breed, raised in Lorraine, North-East of France

Conservation :