French ROUGIÉ Goose Rillettes 180g

French ROUGIÉ Goose Rillettes 180g

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The world's leading exporter of Foie Gras with a tradition of export sales for several decades.
Present in 100 countries on five continents: the greatest chefs of the world trust Rougié, the leading
brand from Paris to Tokyo.

Geese and ducks are raised in a natural environment and have access to shelters.
Breeding in liberty: animals have access to spacious and well-maintained paths with shaded areas.
Fattening is incompatible with industrial methods; it is an exclusively manual act.

How to enjoy Foie Gras
We invite you to discover how the French enjoy FOIE GRAS
- French baguette Toast
- Sweet seasonings: fig confit, onion confit, macaroons crumble, gingerbread
- Seasonings, salted: Espelette pepper, truffle, salt, fleur de sel, olive oil, caviar, truffle risotto
- Wines: Champagne as an aperitif, soft or dry white wines, red wines according to the tastes and the desired experience
- A nature, a flavoured foie gras
- A canned whole foie gras to take away
- Goose Foie Gras and Duck Foie Gras to compare

The Tasting
Slicing is done with a thin blade knife
Portion: 30 to 40 g per person
80 g => 2 people
180g -210g => 4 - 6 people
310g => 7-8 people
Bread: The purists taste the foie gras without bread. A country bread or a baguette will perfectly combine with the subtlety of Foie Gras.
The Wine: The Foie Gras is ideal for an aperitif with Champagne
Goose Foie Gras will find its balance with a sweet white wine, like Sauternes, Muscat, Royal Tokaji.
Duck Foie Gras will rather match with a typical red wine, such as Saint-Emilion, Graves or a dry and fruity white wine.

After opening, the Foie Gras must be kept in a food film at + 2 ° C.
It has to be consumed within the next 5 days.
Producer : Rougie